Why services

We offer custom made solutions specific to your needs.


Small and medium-sized businesses make up most of the economy of a country. Over 70% will not survive for over 10 years. Even business that will survive past the decade, will need to go through many transitions. Support for those businesses is very limited, expensive and with little value (late ROI). 


As an entrepreneur and business developer, I have seen many times start-ups, new businesses, even established business go through challenges, some due to growth. 

I came to realize that small to medium size companies require a different type of support/empowerment. Conventional consulting does not fit their needs and capabilities.

Innovative "Blue" Methodology "2 - 3 - 4"

Growth across different markets & Industries

Do not focus on competitors, make them irrelevant. 

Our methodology is sustainable, taking a "best glocal practice" approach. Custom made modular solution packages, address your direct needs first.


We focus on 2 times (present and future), on 3 main business points and work on 4 strategic aspects of those. Holistic & sustainable value innovation is then achieved leading to direct growth, regardless of the industry, location or size of the business.


We create your solution, for your operations and needs, leading to value creation & innovation for your clients. We continue to be close to you, offering services synchronized to your further needs, empowering you and your teams with new & innovative ways of thinking for the next point you want to target and improve.

We believe in long term relationships, so as you invest in us, we invest in you.

Quick ROI

Long Term Value

Empowerment services offered

All the services can be on a personal level via coaching or speaking (executives, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs) or business growth/optimization level (presentations, business team development).


Business & Product Development

Strategic Differentiation

Industry 4.0

  • Process Flow

  • Startup basics

  • Entrepreneurial mindset/mentality

  • Business Model / Lean Canva 

  • One-pager

  • Pitch deck

  • Product development

  • Market analysis guidance

  • Environmental analysis 

  • PESTEL, key drivers, scenarios

  • Operating environment

  • Industry trends, Porter 5 forces

  • Now - future analysis

  • Strategic direction

  • Presentation skills training

  • Sales training/workshops

  • Sales training/workshops

  • Presentation skills training

  • Strategic differentiation 

  • Strategic capabilities 

  • Competitive advantage

  • VRIM, active map

  • SWOT

  • Value innovation

  • Business process optimization

  • Executive coaching

  • Mentality development

  • Leadership development

  • Train the trainer

  • Internet marketing

  • Branding & social media alignment

  • Change management

  • Effective team communication

  • Value innovation

  • Six Principles of Blue Ocean

  • Strategy canva creation

  • Four action framework

  • Customer mapping

  • Tiers of non customers

  • Strategic sequence

  • Buyers utility map

  • Buyer experience cycle

  • Profit models of differentiation

  • Idea index

  • Pricing of new product/business

  • Industry 4.0 transition support

  • Industry 4.0 consulting

  • Smart software solutions guidance and recommendations

  • Augmented services

  • Blog and content creation


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