Almost 20 year’s global experience in seven diverse industries, five different markets and three business sectors.


Undertook roles of CEO, MD, Interim Manager, COO.


Unique experience in greenfield projects.


Initiated, build and grown multiple successful businesses from zero to high-profit levels.


Achievements Time Line

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March 2014 to Present, Mexico & Greece

Partner - Interim Executive (CEO)

Hand-selected by partners to orchestrate entry in the Americas market of a German Industry 4.0 technological leader. In the processes, raised the client's company value by $8M USD, achieving both a product and category differentiation and securing key partnerships with local government, industrial and educational institutes and clients. 


For this marketing & strategic approach a business case was written by EGADE Business School (click here to view)

  • Built company from concept to realization, exceeding targets for budget, planning & control.

  • Streamlined operational performance, using minimal resources and a hands-on approach.

  • Orchestrated a 113% resource reduction by effectively performing risk management & prioritizing values. 

  • Achieved marketing costs reduction of 225%, personally aligning key partners & securing long-term commitments.

  • Developed and implemented a differentiation strategy, focusing on disruptive innovation (product and category).

  • Created innovative new products, services & payment models, by performing a ¨Blue Ocean¨ strategy approach.

  • Collaborated, coordinated and negotiated with all external and internal bodies and key partnerships.

  • Cultivated strategic alliances with private and governmental organizations & industrial groups.

  • Balanced short and long-term ROI needs, increasing software solutions & augmented services profit margins.

  • Invited to talk to OneMBA LATAM residency students on greenfield project management &   entrepreneurship.


About Samos was created from scratch to differentiate and support the tourism growth of Samos. The site specializes in information, unique experiences and accommodation.


Created project using "blue ocean" strategy. The value of the services increased, while costs were reduced, resulting in a parallel increase in value for both business and their customers. As a result, the image of the island improved on the internet. 

The focus was on the empowerment of the local community while helping visitors of the island.

Internet marketing & "micro-consulting" helped businesses differentiate, improve customer service, communicate effectively with clients reaching "best ever" levels. 

Founder &  Executioner

 About Samos 

March 2016 to Present, Samos / Greece

  • Formulated & implementedBlue Ocean” strategy to achieving differentiation & value innovation.

  • Aligned image, new brand, structure, and created webpage, internet marketing, sales, etc. (

  • Built company from concept to realization, streamlining operational performance

  • Cultivated, coordinated and negotiated all internal and external communication, network, strategic alliances, marketing, financial, etc.​

  • Developed a holistic approach, for the local region’s development

  • Currently, the number one site in Google searches about the island

  • Services interlock, streamlining operational performance

  • Organic, quick and sustainable growth, using minimal budget and resources 

  • During summer 2020 we had over 9000 site visits, with 92% tourist reduction due to COVID-19. 

  • Creation of the brand of "the whole of Greece in one island" and "experience Samos like locals do" 

  • Cultivated, coordinated and negotiated all internal and external communication, network, strategic alliances, marketing, financial, etc.​ 

  • During summer 2019 we partnered with 30 key businesses & offered quick business turnaround consulting support 

  • Helped customers exceed performance in a time of 30% and 92% tourists’ reduction in the island

  • Balanced short and long-term ROI needs

  • Identified unique revenue opportunities 

  • Helped transform internet presence and business processes. 

  • Presented proposals to local and peripheral governments for a holistic sustainable and empowering approach.


OPA natural healing products

March 2017 to Present, Greece / Switzerland

Founder & Executioner

Created OPA as way to “preserving knowledge”.


The recipe was passed through my family for many hundreds of years. As my grandmother was getting older I decided to save this tradition by creating OPA a 100% natural skin healing cream.


Not only I made the cream but I also developed the  brand, marketplace, strategy and sales.

  • "Resurrected" cream recipe and proceeded in documenting processes, production, packaging and distribution.

  • Created brand, logo.

  • Performing strategic differentiation.

  • Performed market study

  • Placed product on internet market place.

  • Streamlined operational performance, using minimal resources and a hands-on approach.

  • Approached the largest chain of tourist shops in Greece and secured placement of product.

  • Developed Business model and approached investors

  • Process is still ongoing.



March. 2018 to September 2020, Canada

Marketing Contributor

Hand selected by VKS to contribute on Industry 4.0 related topics. Around 1000 followers in LinkedIn and Quora on Industry 4.0 related articles published.

  • Submit Industry 4.0 related content on a regular basis,

  • Investigate market trends,

  • Understand client needs in selected markets,

  • Address specific topics to a number of LinkedIn groups and company own groups,

  • Deliver posts on time and ready to publish.

  • Publish on Quora, LinkedIn and personal website Industry 4.0 related questions and topics.

  • Over 1000 followers of published articles.




Sept. 2013 to June 2016, Mexico

Co-Founder - Managing Director

Ecocarspa was a greenfield company on water sustainability, using innovative technology. As an ecological car wash company, it had a strong presence in Monterrey, Mexico.

Build the company from zero and grew Ecocarspa to 8 locations, 12 people, over 1,500 B2C and a dozen B2B customers. Created 3 additional business opportunities (franchise, product distribution & webapp).

  • Delivered 32 million litres saving of water for the Nuevo Leon region, Mexico.

  • Built operations from zero to 12 people and 8 locations, developing key customer relationships.

  • Devised a strategic approach that enabled organic growth in sales and marketing exposure, using a minimal budget.

  • Differentiated company from the competition, by developing and implementing a ¨Blue Ocean¨   strategy.

  • Redefined target audiences, increasing monthly subscriptions by an average of 13% every month.

  • Created training programs, ensuring optimal quality (sales, customer service & business processes).

  • Reduced worker’s turnover by threefold (3x), through the development of innovative reward packages.

  • Increased staff performance and productivity by 33% by devising multiple performance incentives.

  • Improved customer satisfaction by 22%, focusing on “value innovation”.

  • Reached goal of product costs reductions of 40% by re-negotiating & reevaluating suppliers.

  • Attained double annual company growth by spearheading B2B & B2C sales and supplier negotiations.

  • Won award by a group of Nuevo Leon investors and was offered to consultant start-ups in Monterrey.

  • Identified and developed 3 additional business opportunities/models, for the company and pitched investors (franchise, product distribution & web app)


Wings Consulting & Business Development

Oct. 2011 to June 2013, The Netherlands / Mexico

Co-Founder & Partner

Using executive coaching, change management and optimization processes, guided business owners to increase profitability, performance and efficiency.

Successfully turned around 5 companies (services, manufacturing, catering).

  • Build company from concept to realization and secured clients in Mexico.

  • 92% success rates on projects and client satisfaction.

  • Clients experienced on average of 34%  improvements in profits, within 6  months.

  • Developed communications guidelines, training packages and processes for client key shareholders.

  • Doubled clients company value during an M&A project.


Wings Marketing & Management training B.V.

March 2007 to May 2011, The Netherlands

Founder & Managing Director

Wings Marketing BV was built from zero entirely by myself.

Generated over €25 million for clients and managed directly the top location in the Netherlands.


Supported the Head of Netherlands with Benelux expansion. Trained all Sales and Leadership trainers in the Training Academy in Amsterdam (train the trainer).

  • Delivered €25M+ worth of sales to clients, (energy & home security).

  • Initiated a new sale division (B2C Events) and presented a topic to 400+ Appcogroup Managing Directors.

  • Netherlands operations grew to 8 locations and expanded into Belgium.

  • Worked directly with Netherlands country head and EU head of operations.

  • Trained hands on the entire Rotterdam location, both in the field (D2D) and in-house, achieving improvements of 65%  in size, 143%  in sales volume &  12%  in quality.

  • Rotterdam location reached number 1 in sales volume within 6 months, across the EU (over 180 locations).

  • Streamlined training processes, increasing newcomers´ performance by 20%, & retention by 35%.

  • Created training material, processes and systems, which became Benelux ¨Best -Training Practices¨. 

  • Developed all Dutch head trainers for the European training academy (“Train-the-Trainer”& Leadership training).

  • Allocated the territory of South Holland. The office was in the top three most profitable offices in NL for 12+ months.

  • Awards Received

    • Office performance 

    • 5 business development

    • 3 team building

    • 28 team performance


Eloquent marketing UK Ltd.

Feb. 2002 to March 2007, United Kingdom

Founder & Managing Director

Eloquent Marketing UK Ltd. was built from zero by myself as part of Appcogroup and ¨the Firm¨ organization expansion in the UK.

Generated for clients over £32 million and office became the top performer in the UK, on many occasions (out of 132 offices).

Asked to support with the Benelux expansion. 

  • Generated £32M for the UK´s 2nd largest energy company. Invited to support Benelux operations

  • Eloquent Marketing UK Ltd reached multiple times top 3 highest sales volume office in the UK (out of 132)

  • Received a number of awards in sales, leadership development and office profitability. Mentored directly by the Country Head of Ireland.

  • Invited to 30+ global ¨Rising Star¨ & ¨Best-Practice¨ meetings.

  • Mastered team development training and built within 20 months a team of 38 sales executives.

  • Allocated the territory of Bedfordshire, UK. Moved to Luton with 7 people and within 9 months grew location to 28.

  • Pioneered training systems & processes, improving: recruitment - 24%, sales volumes - 28%, quality - 7%.

  • Awards Received:

    • 4 Business development

    • 3 personal sales

    • 3 team building

    • 32 team performance


Hellenic Army Aviation

March 2000 to Sept. 2001, Greece

Private - Helicopter Flight Engineer

Hellenic Army Aviation is part of the Greek Armed forces.

Served 18 months as part of National Service in Greece and was selected as one of the highest potential privates by my Air Commodore. 

  • Trained as a flight engineer for UH-1H helicopters (Huey).

  • Posted in ¨Directorate of Inspection & Quality control¨.

  • Responsible for newcomers training, technical library and translations of manuals.

  • One of the ¨highest potential privates of his entire career¨, according to commanding Air Commodore, Mr S. Tselonis.


Airbus Industrie

Sept. 1998 to Sept. 1999, France

Intern - Customer Support Directorate

Airbus Group SE (Airbus Industrie) is a European multinational aerospace and defence corporations.

First-ever City University of London student internship in Airbus.

Internship extended from 1 month to 12 months, after a performance review.

  • Led and completed over 60 cross-departmental projects saving the company millions of euros. Projects included Airbus maintenance facility guide, purchase agreements analysis, budgetary leasing estimations, etc.

  • Supported client presentations with state heads, and VIP´s on a number of occasions.

  • Offered positions within Airbus directorates of Customer Support Services, Marketing, Military, Engineering & Sales.

  • The main project became official Airbus document.

  • Projects folder displayed in Airbus library.

  • Awards Received:

    • ¨Top 1% Intern Performance", resulting in 4 job offers and/or extension of internship to AINA (Airbus Industry North America).