Quick business turnaround consulting 

Almost twenty years of global experience lead to BLUE 234, a sustainable added value consulting methodology with SM focus.


Custom made modular solutions, addressing direct needs first, taking into account specific needs, requirements & particularities.


The biggest enemy of Small & Medium (SM) size businesses is time, as it is linked to cash flow.

There are two main reasons.

  1. If they had enough time, they could make more money.

  2. If they got paid on time, they could pay their bills and buy more time.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs waste time looking at competitors and trying different measures/solutions, mostly through trial and error, taking at times desperate actions, to see what works. 


The fact is that a business that will survive past a decade, will need to go through many transitions, following a business lifecycle. Trial and error is not the most efficient approach here. Your competition will not wait for you.

Neither will ever-changing macro-environmental factors (PESTEL).

"Smart people learn from their mistakes, successful learn from others" could be applied here.​ SM companies face a number of challenges when it comes to getting support, however. Some of those are:

  • Limited access to high quality consulting due to limited budgets,

  • They require personalization vs generalization (how conventional consulting works),

  • Most SM are family-owned. This requires an even different approach,

  • Limited access to know-how and learning from other people's mistakes. Competitors will not share.


So.....conventional consulting is very limiting, expensive and with a little value and late Return On Investment (ROI). It does not fit SM needs and capabilities.


BLUE 234 is the different type of support/empowerment needed, guaranteed & proven in helping SM businesses buy time. 

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BLUE 234

"Blue" - A child of "Blue" methodologies & "glocal" best practices, BLUE 234 business consulting is focusing on Small & Medium size companies.

234 - Two dimensions, three specific areas, four aspects of your business, resulting in quick & sustainable business turnarounds through tailor-made modular packages.

Quick ROI - Addressing direct needs first, resulting in a leap in value for everyone and a FAST Return On Investment (ROI), with a focus on opening up new market space and creating new demand.

Sustainable - Proven & long term. Tried and tested with impressive results across 7 diverse industries, 5 different markets and 3 business sectors.

Tailor-Made - Custom made & modular solutions packages address directly to your specific needs, requirements and demands. Focus here is on simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost, applying best global practices on a local level.


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