Life is precious. We spend hours, days, weeks, even years blindly making ends meat and “hold our nose to the grindstone”. Are we really living?


We have divided our day into slots of moments, into hours where we kill ourselves in jobs where we kill ourselves in jobs we hate and are slaves, hidden in a cave. We feel the need for freedom but this gets crushed with all kinds of rubbish such as social media, TV, and conforming to society’s expectations to who we should be. Are we scared to face ourselves in the mirror?


The most important things in life like to play and celebrate with each other, appreciate nature, to make love and know ourselves and our fellow humans is left by the wayside as we make excuses that we don’t have time. Things will get better “when the kids grow up” or when “the economy picks up” or lately, “the vaccine comes out”.

How long are you willing to wait?


Your happiness can be unlocked only by acknowledging your desires and pursuing your bliss. Your liberations from all forms of power, hierarchy, and self-limiting beliefs will lead to a life of joy and creation and loving your life.


How can you do that? By realizing that time is finite. Do not waste it any more. Align your WHY, HOW & WHAT and start living with your soul essence. This practical workbook through many questions, tests, fun, and knowledge collected from hundreds of books will help you along the way. Follow the instructions, open your subconscious, have some fun and discover parts of you which you have forgotten, lost or misaligned.


Transform your life and business sustainably.

Align your WHY, HOW & WHAT pdf