Highly resourceful

 out of the box thinker

Obsessed over sustainability, efficiency & best practices.


Multiple inventions, new processes, products, methodologies and innovative ideas.

A keen advocate of Industry 4.0 and anything which leads to efficiency, sustainability &  process optimization.

In the last six years built and empowered over 40 businesses in diverse industries, including Industry 4.0, sustainability, real estate, import/export, consulting, hospitality, sales, travel & tourism.


Last 6 years

  • Built and empowered a number of businesses in diverse industries, including smart software, Industry 4.0 (XINTRIX & Indstry4.gr), sustainability, real estate, import-export, consulting, hospitality, sales, cosmetics, travel and tourism.

  • Worked with technology leaders (German & US) and received recognition from government, partners and clients.

  • EGADE University, wrote a business case about the marketing and strategy approach I helped develop, resulting to a new category and product creation for global markets (see the process here).

  • Started blogging on Industry 4.0 and became one of Quora’s top contributors on the subject and acted as a marketing contributor for VKSapp company. 

  • Extensively studied strategic differentiation, Industry 4.0 best practices, Internet marketing, Web page design, and many more tools that offered me an added value advantage.

  • Created OPA natural healing products, a project on “preserving knowledge”. A 100% natural skin healing cream was "resurrected". Created brand, marketplace, strategy and sales.

  • Learned web design, Internet marketing, SEO and developed About Samos, a webpage in order to differentiate & increase the brand of the island of Samos. 

  • Initiated "micro consulting" processes & methodology (BLUE234) and initiated/partnered with 30 businesses in Samos, Greece, helped them reach superior performance in a period of 30% tourist decline.

  • First and only Greek to complete the Global Executive MBA - OneMBA.

  • Developed a study/coursework sharing group thus improving efficiency and time management.

  • Currently the president of RSM Greek Alumni community.

Sales Career

  • Started from the ground level (D2D) on the world’s leading sales and marketing company.

  • Even though I was not a sales natural, I developed processes and practices which empowered me to become an expert salesperson and win a number of sales awards.

  • Pioneered sales training, people development, team building and management, sales methodologies, HR best practices, train the trainer, office growth and profitability.

  • Received recognition and became part of the “premium club”, an exclusive leadership development and best practices networking platform.

  • My company was one of the most profitable companies of our group in two countries (UK & NL) for a number of consecutive months.

  • Hand-picked to initiated operations to new markets - Benelux.

  • Train the trainers of Benelux academy and developed processes and methodology for quick profitability of new sales executives.

  • Within 3 years helped open up 7 additional locations in the Netherlands.

  • Trained personally over 5,000 people (min) as head of training in largest office in NL.


  • Utilized my time in the army and got trained as a flight engineer.

  • Became a trainer and organized the technical library of my unit.

  • Became a driver.

  • Applied for further studies and completed photography course.

  • Awarded a scholarship from Onassis Foundation for master on Science in Aerospace Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

  • Completed over 60 projects and was awarded for my innovative approach and productivity.

  • My main project became Airbus standard, shared to clients globally and displayed on company library as an example of trainees report and work standards.

  • Was offered 4 job positions and further internship in Airbus Industrie North America by using a "smart" approach.

  • Received financial reward as top 1% of trainees of Airbus Industrie.

  • Developed a bottle that kept drinks fizzy up to the last glass (fluid mechanics – Pascal’s Law).

  • Initiated a patent (stopped due to lack of funds). Coca Cola patented a variation of the same design 7 years later.

  • Got my CAA Pilots license using only 15% of the standard fees required.

  • Earned money doing final year projects and sold coursework and lab notes.

  • Final year project was ahead of time addressing the reason behind 70% of plane accidents combining phycology and technology, leading to CRM.



  • Built and sold tiny slings and ammunition (and obviously was punished for it).

  • Branded those using different colours for football team supporters.