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Awakening possibilities in people and businesses

My life so far

I am a global citizen, who has lived and worked in 5 countries and acquired professional experience in 7 industries.


I get immense pleasure from turning businesses around, within very short time frames, especially VSE's and SME's. I do this through changing paradigms and applying best global practices, from different industries to local-level needs. 

Most of my project focus on cyclic economy and processes, leading to holistic win-win solutions and value innovation. Being fascinated by innovation & Pareto relationships, I have created multiple inventions, new processes, and products and co-developed a new product category.

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My formal and informal education spans across 12 countries.


My first degree is a BEng. (Hons) in Aeronautical Engineering (UK) from the City University of London (UK). Upon graduation, I was awarded an Onassis foundation scholarship for an MSc in Aerospace Engineering by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (USA), however, I decided to become an entrepreneur instead.

My second degree is a Global Executive MBA (OneMBA) from Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) and the universities of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - UNC (USA), The Chinese University of Hong Kong – CHUK (CN), Escuela de Graduados en Administratión y Dirección de Empresas – EGADE (MX), Fundaçāo Getulio Vargas – FGV (BR) and Gordon Institute of Business Science – GIBS (SA).

Currently, I am working on my Ph.D. candidacy at Aegean University focusing my research proposal on developing a Transition Acceptance Methodology & Solutions for Industry 4.0,  SMART & Immersive Technologies.

Professional achievements

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I have extensive working experience and have partnered with corporations, startups, VSB/SME enterprises, academia & government. I have built a number of successful companies and greenfield projects from zero to profitability in 4 countries in diverse industries and markets. In the process, I have supported Industrial clusters (MX), educational institutions (EGADE), and the government of Nuevo Leon in Mexico.


For my work I received recognition from companies (Appcogroup), universities (EGADE – Business Case) & government (Nuevo Leon), where I acted as an advisor to strategic partners for the transition of NL region into Industry 4.0 (goal of being 2nd in Industry 4.0 practices, behind Germany).


I have developed  "microconsulting", a very efficient with fast results consulting methodology specializing in Very Small Businesses (VSB) & Small-Medium size Enterprises (SME). "Microconsulting" has been successfully applied to over 50 businesses, in 7 industries, 5 different markets, and 3 business sectors. 


Currently, I act as the CEO of RedVelvetXR, an Extended Reality (XR) end-to-end smart solution provider. At the same time, I continue to build About Samos to support my local community, OPA Natural Healings, a project of protecting ancient healing wisdom, and supporting a number of businesses in a consulting role.

I am the author of 6 books for personal, professional, and business development & growth, and have created 7 training courses, which have been delivered around the globe to thousands of executives and business leaders.

I am fluent in Greek, English and Spanish and has a basic understanding in Dutch.

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