Value generation using innovative best "glocal" practices, leading to quick & sustainable growth

Builder of multiple successful companies in diverse industries and markets.

Developer of  BLUE 234, a quick turnaround consulting methodology for SM companies. 


Creator of custom made modular solutions & courses.

Author of books about personal & professional empowerment.


Experienced working with startups, SM owners, corporations, academia & government.

Received recognition from companies, universities & government.



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Born and bred in the island of Samos, in Greece, I left home at 18, with little English and lots of dreams. I arrived in London with almost nothing, and after a lot of challenges, including learning English, studying and working at times three jobs to make ends meat, I graduated with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.


Upon graduation, I moved to France. My short internship with Airbus Industrie got extended to a year. I was offered four jobs, which had to be postponed in order to attend mandatory military service back home. I returned and served in the Hellenic Army aviation but alas, a month before leaving, 9/11 happened, so Airbus had to be paused for a couple of years, due to security reasons.


Looking for options to buy time, I applied and got accepted for an MSc from a top USA Aerospace University, but even with the scholarship from Onassis Foundation, I could not afford it. So I followed the advice of one of my Airbus mentors. To learn sales.


Learning the Art of Sales  & Becoming an Entrepreneur

My induction day in the “field”, door to door, was unexpected. I hated it but, I was intrigued. I could not understand why the guy I was with, was doing this job. He was overqualified, smart, intelligent, well dressed, with huge dreams and great with people. Andy made me realize that sales were everything and everywhere. It could not be taught at university. It required set skills like soft and hard, systems, but most importantly a strong mindset or as he called it, attitude. As an engineer, I had systems but the rest……. not really.


For months, I struggled at sales. Too many fears, comfort zones, bad attitude, huge ego, but I had a great work ethic and systems. People seem to believe in me and invested in my development. I was flown around the world for seminars. If only I could grasp sales.


Eventually, I did. I remember like yesterday the day I did my first “proper close”. This was it, necessity pushed me. Being bad at sales to start with, made me good at training others that had "similar" challenges. I build my team, hit my criteria and got promoted 9 months later, to run my own location, in Angel, London, 500m away from my university.


I had a sales company for four years in the UK. I won many awards, including sales!!! My office toped a number of times the other 130 offices in the UK for profitability. I moved to the Netherlands to help the Benelux expansion, four years later we had eight offices, I helped set the Benelux sales academy and life was good. But it had different plans for me. A health incident forced me to take a huge step back. Or forward the way I see it now.  I had to close my company down and look for other options.


Traveling the world & learning global best practices

Not knowing what to do, I decided to go back to academia. I applied for a global executive MBA (OneMBA) from RSM. I was one of the youngest in my course. I had a huge opportunity to apply the entrepreneurial skills I had, reinforce them with best practices from around the world, and knowledge from 6 global leading universities. For twenty-one months I traveled the world, got to learn lots from best in their class people, had some fun and supported small businesses in townships in South Africa to large ones in Turkey, India, China, Mexico, Brazil. I worked with global teams and created a global network. This lead me to Mexico.


Business Development, Strategy & Values

After graduating I moved to Mexico where I set up a company with Alumni from EGADE Business School. It grew 300% in the first year alone. This continues so we started a second, then a third company, all somehow linked together. All matching values and best global practices, using minimum budgets.


Things did not always go well. From four partners we ended up two, meaning we had to do more for less time. Resourcefulness resulted in value innovation and differentiation strategies. This was my first contact with Blue Ocean and Industry 4.0 best practices.  Together with Wolfgang, my technology specialist partner from my OneMBA we created new products, a new product category and worked closely with universities,  government and industry leaders.


Then a loss. My mother died unexpectedly and I had to return back home to Greece. A month later I was back in Mexico, but things were different. I had lost my why, my desire. A few months after that, I packed a suitcase and returned back to my island to find myself. For a little bit, so I thought.


Books, Trainings & BLUE234 consulting methodology

This was four years ago. Lots of contemplation, reading, ups and downs, I grew, I learned and I accepted, I forgave myself mainly. I let fear and guilt go away. I came to realize that my life had empowered me to be who I am. And I could make a difference.


Going through this process lead to the trainings I developed, which became books, which lead to a consulting methodology. From my professional experience, I had seen first-hand that a business would drastically change within weeks, when I worked with the owners first and then with their business, thus avoiding the statistic of 70% of businesses failing in the first year, and from the successful ones, 70% failing over the next five years. The turnaround was quick, and always successful, provided the owner committed. So I wrote my books and worked further on the trainings. 


By combining all this knowledge and 20 years of entrepreneurial, executive and business development experience, BLUE234 was born. A consulting methodology for Small to Medium (SM) businesses and their owner’s specific needs, requirements and market demands. Considering that 98% of every economy is based on SM businesses, this is a market that has a huge impact but very limited support. I wanted to change this. 


Working with over 40 businesses, in diverse industries and markets had an effect on me. Many of the people I helped and worked with made me promise to open up and go public. So, all this is mainly due to them.


Regardless of who you are, time is your most valuable asset. Yes, you can overanalyze, allow doubt and fear dictate your decisions. You can learn from your mistakes, by trial and error. Good people do that. Successful though, learn from others. And work on themselves too. As they say, if nothing changes, nothing changes. Now you know my why, how and what. What is yours?

Feel free to call or text me now for a free 30 minutes session. You can also buy my books or take one of the trainings online. 


Dr. Ali Fenwick, Managing partner LEAD TCM&L - NL

¨… his creative capacity, business sense, results-minded attitude, are what put him at the top of the league…¨

Wolfgang Nitschke, Managing Consultant, NIT Network GmbH - DE

¨… self-motivated, problem solver, result driven individual, to get your business to the next level…¨

Robert Toy, Director of Customer Projects, Airbus - FR

¨... precisely the quality of employee this company needs… ¨

Dr. Mohamed El-Borai, Vice President Customer Support Services, Airbus - FR

¨... a sterling job in my division …¨

S. Tselonis, Commanding Air Commodore, Hellenic Army Aviation - GR

¨...One of the three highest potential privates of my military carreer...¨

James O´Grady, Country Head Netherlands, Appco - NL

¨... his leadership has resulted in a huge increase in revenues …¨

Simon Murphy, Country Head Ireland & UK, Appco - UK

¨... absolutely no hesitation in recommending George to any company… ¨

Hans G. Krauss, Customer Support Director, Airbus - FR

¨... innate sense of logic and work ethics…¨

Philippe Y. Bartels, Head of Flightline Delivery, Airbus - DE

¨... very much liked his working attitude, flexibility and efficiency… ¨