“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.”


Entrepreneurship & Business Development

Teaming up with entrepreneurs, business owners, companies & government as a business partner, interim executive, or business optimizer. I am open to team up with you as:


  • Co-founder, business partner, executive, board of directors.

  • Interim executive consultant -  Industry 4.0, smart processes & technologies.

  • Trainer, contributor, speaker.


Diverse Business Skills

Business / Product Developer & Optimizer 

  • Created new product category, products and businesses in diverse global industries & markets.

  • Negotiated and secured benefits from government & regional organizations leading to high value returns for the company.

  • Business case was written on product development approach by top Mexican business school.

  • Work recognized by government, university & client.


Entrepreneur & Interim Executive

  • Built multiple companies from ground level to high operational profits, in four countries & industries.

  • Spearheaded entry into new markets, initiated and completed multiple successful greenfield projects.

  • Managed up to 120 people, undertook roles of MD, COO, CEO.

  • Companies run as an MD achieved several times #1 in profitability position, in UK and NL, as part of global sales market leader.


Strategic Advisor & Consultant

  • Differentiation strategy specialist, created and implemented successful strategy, leading to new product & product category for German Industry 4.0 technological leader.

  • "Four-legged" strategy created lead to new business opportunities and business expansion, both nationally and internationally.

  • Developed "microconsulting" methodology for VSB’s & SME’s. 


Industry 4.0 and Smart Technologies Specialist (end-to-end)

  • Interim manager & executive to German Industry 4.0 (Smart software) technology leader.

  • Responsible for entry into the Americas market.

  • Undertook Interim CEO, COO company representative roles for Industry 4.0 companies.

  • Lead Industry 4.0 transition advisory role to support top 20 companies with Industry 4.0 transition in Nuevo Leon, Mexico's 3rd largest economic region.

  • Industry 4.0 contributor & blogger.

  • Currently acting CEO of Red Velvet XR, andExtended Reality (XR) end-to-end specialist company and xintrix and Industry 4.0  specialist company .


Consulting & Tech Transition

The biggest enemy and challenge for organizations is time, as it is linked to cash flow. Catching up to competitors & trial and error approaches are not efficient at all. Microconsulting is a quick ROI methodology  with modular solutions which I have created for fast business turnarounds and optimization, which leads to sustainable business growth.


A leap in value by looking at 2 dimensions, 3 specific areas, 4 aspects of a business.


Added benefits include:

  • Cost-effective - proven high ROI. Mutual investment mentality,

  • Flexible - business flexibility based on value-added innovation,

  • Quick - business turnaround in weeks vs months or years,

  • Simultaneous - pursuit of differentiation and low cost,

  • Modular - solutions and support,

  • Efficient - biggest challenge & direct needs first,

  • Holistic - empowerment of owner and team, domino effect to the community,

  • Sustainable - linked vertically and horizontally to all-around why's.

Consulting & Tech Transition is available both in English and Greek.


Training & Coaching

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand"


All trainings & seminars created are based on the above principle, developed for paradigms swifts. Aimed to sustainably empower and support executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, organizations, educational institutions, and government, the trainings lead to quick turnarounds with impressive new levels of profitability & growth.

  • Entrepreneurship & Start ups

  • Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformations

  • Differentiation Strategy

  • Business Growth & Optimization

  • High Impact Sales Growth

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Leadership Development

  • Executive Doaching


Training & Coaching is available both in English and Greek.