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Broader Implications of Industry 4.0

A revolution is under way in manufacturing. Industry 4.0

The effects are not confined to manufacturing only, but are spreading to other industries that use, or could use, smart, connected processes, products, and services.

Those product and services reshape competition, and the very nature of companies, their way of work, and how they are organized, creating many changes.

The challenge is that there are no playbooks on organizational issues, who are dealing with the transition into the Industry 4.0 / smart factory / Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), world.

The organizational charts that has been in place for decades are currently being rewritten. While for many companies this transition may be unsettling, destabilizing and raise security concerns, it is important to see smart, connected processes, products, and services as a chance to improve economies and society.

Those new products, will create rapid progress in sustainability, increase the efficiency of land, water, and materials use, as well as energy and the productivity of organizations.

Smart, connected processes, products, and services of industry 4.0 will help you achieve major advances in efficiency, quality, profitability, sustainability, to name a few.

Interested in knowing more in how to be empowered, using Industry 4.0 knowhow and ¨Best-Practices¨?

Drop me a line.

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