Value Innovation

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Value innovation is the strategic logic of high growth. It is the process, which a company introduces new technologies or upgrades that are designed to achieve product / services differentiation, at low costs.

What does Industry 4.0 and smart software solutions mean for the value transformation of a company?

New data and new configurations and capabilities of smart connected products, will restructure the traditional functions of business. This will be the result of identifying the biggest challenges that lead to large savings and bring direct and immediate added value.

Combining smart software solutions with augmented services, and achieve many reductions and increases. Some of those can be seen bellow:



  • More configuration and less programming

  • Simplification of process solutions

  • Independence of low value consulting

  • Flexible multi-lingual translator


  • No user license

  • Short & efficient implementation time

  • Maximized resources efficiency

  • Cost driver elimination due to real data usage

  • Reduced training required (intuitive user guidance)

  • Reduced system maintenance

  • Leasing model availability


  • Flexible system implementation (step by step)

  • Installation and updates while production runs

  • Decision making on real, instant data


  • Scrap minimization, leading to elimination

  • Energy consumption usage maximization

  • Operators are relieved from administrative tasks


  • Client managed system - configured to specific clients’ needs

  • External consulting limited to added value creation


  • 100% transparency of operations

  • Real conditions usage

  • Learning system routines