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Entrepreneurship & Startups 

Here are some facts. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of economies are based on entrepreneurs with small to medium (SM) size companies. Those companies face a number of challenges when it comes to being established, build and grown. It is not an accident that seventy percent (70%) of newly formed companies fail in their first year and from the successful thirty percent (30%), seventy percent (70%) will fail within five years.

Furthermore, a “normal business” is very different from a “startup”. Each has its own particularities; they operate in different time frames and have different capital needs. They require vastly different strategies, processes, methodologies in order to achieve success and sustainable profits, attracting investors and customers.

Whom do you ask when facing all the challenges? How do you deal with challenges like:

  1. No consulting support.

  2. No hands-on training programs (theory is not enough).

  3. Develop skills required, like sales, communication, marketing, etc.

  4. How you deal with personalization vs generalization.

  5. Family-owned requires a different approach. Startups too.

Great people learn from their mistakes. Successful learn from others. Which would you rather be?

In this training you will learn:

  1. The different approaches to conventional businesses & start-ups.

  2. Developing a strategy of differentiation before everything.

  3. Perform market analysis and research.

  4. How to test your idea before everything else.

  5. Develop business plans, pitch decks, one-pagers, and other tools to help you raise capital.

  6. Organization and other tools to enhance performance.

  7. Work within a team and identify partnerships needed.

  8. How to foster a culture of innovation to help your business stay ahead.

Entrepreneurship & Stat Ups

Differentiation Strategy 

Why are you competing for a greater share of ever-shrinking demand when you can generate new growth and make your competition irrelevant? If you want to create, grow and scale a business, you need to move away from competing.

In the current business environment, crowded with competition, it is more and more difficult to stand out. If you want to increase profits without the high risk or lowering your prices, consider creating a differentiation strategy.

In this training, you will learn what a differentiation strategy is, how to create one and how a differentiation strategy can benefit your business. Following a proven process and methodologies you will learn how to use blue ocean tools and methodology which will lead you to:

  1. Shift your perspective and go beyond competing.

  2. Identify non-customers and de-segment your market.

  3. Generate creative ideas for your organization.

  4. Create new demand and new markets for your products or services.

Differentiation Strategy
Digital Tranformation

Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0 & Immersive Technologies

The transition to the new industrial revolution/evolution known as Industry 4.0 requires a new paradigm change. It brings many opportunities, as well as challenges. Big consulting and software companies follow old paradigms and rigid business models. One solution does not fit all anymore. Lack of flexibility, adaptability and stealth arise from outdated practices and services. Classical IT solutions (ERP, MES, company own, excel, etc.) create limitations in Industry 4.0 due to data quality.

To improve the Return On Investment (ROI) and support this digital transformation requires different types of consulting and transition support. Huge data generated will require a different approach to stop data management becoming a complex and inefficient process.  

The overall objective of this training is to enable individuals & organizations to understand Industry 4.0 and acknowledge the steps which will need to succeed in this digital transformation. You will be aware of flexible tools and services which will lead to digitization and integration of your:

  • Vertical & Horizontal Value Chains.

  • Product & Services.

  • Business Processes & Customers.

Upon completion of this training you will know how to manage digital transformation in your organization and understand:

  1. The theoretical background and story of Industry 4.0.

  2. Possible future scenarios of Industry 4.0.

  3. Will be able to prepare hands-on action plans ready for implementation in your company.

  4. Increased competitiveness by having obvious training possibilities for your people.

Sales & Profit Growth

Ever-changing customer needs and buying behavior coupled with increased competition for value superiority are driving senior executives to seek new and innovative go-to-market approaches.

You will be guided through an in-depth exploration of the diverse range of critical sales methodologies (mechanics, mentality & communication) which will support you with profitable revenue growth.

This training is best practices from over 19 years of D2D, B2B & B2C tips, tricks and know-how. Performed on location, resulting in a huge immediate difference in performance and results. It involves theory, videos, hands-on practice and real-life application of principles and methodologies.

At the end of the training you will know how to:

  1. Establish segmentation and growth priorities that result in winning sales approaches.

  2. Move beyond elevator pitches to create, communicate and prove compelling B2C & B2B value propositions.

  3. Modernize and systematize the sales process to drive differentiated value.

  4. Develop interaction that maximizes mutual value.

Sales & Profit Growth

Negotiation Skills 

We all negotiate on a daily basis. On a personal level, we negotiate with friends, family, landlords, car sellers and employers, among others. Negotiation is also the key to business success.


No business can survive without profitable contracts. Within a company, negotiation skills can lead to your career advancement.

In this training you will learn about and practice the four steps to a successful negotiation:

  1. Prepare: Plan Your Negotiation Strategy

  2. Negotiate: Use Key Tactics for Success

  3. Close: Create a Contract

  4. Perform and Evaluate: The End Game

Negotiation Skills

Executive Coaching 

Stuck with growth? Maybe you have achieved your goals but not feeling fulfilled or happy? Something is missing? Or are you facing specific challenges with your company and your role? Are you looking for something more meaningful, for yourself and your business?

If this is you, those workbooks will help you uncover your why, build your how and achieve your what. Sustainably, fast using "forgotten" knowledge.

  • Align your WHY, HOW & WHAT and start living with your soul essence. This practical and fun workbook is full of questions, tests and knowledge, to help you live a life worth living, full of personal fulfillment. It requires a deep dive into "forgotten" knowledge.

  • Uncover your WHY and become self-aware, self-reflect, define your values and purpose, your current state, and sources of aliveness.

  • Build your HOW by aiming high, and learn how to believe in you, make the changes needed for getting great, define the new you, sustainably.

  • Achieve your WHAT with strategic life planning, creating a vision, setting goals, leading you into becoming more productive, improving your social skills, leadership and your team.

Executive Coaching
Leadership Development

Leadership Development 

Are you micromanaging? Are you feeling you are doing everything and do not have time for yourself? Not sure what is the 20% that gives you your 80%?

If this sounds like you, then this training will help you more to the next level of leadership and performance.

In this training, you will learn and practice the following five steps that will lead you towards sustainable leadership. Those are:

  1. Acknowledge: Who you are And what is out there

  2. Learn: What you want and is expected

  3. Focus: People, Process, Product and Differentiate

  4. Develop: Personal & Professional Growth

  5. Apply: Tools & Working Smart

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