My Why & How differentiators

I am passionate about Business and People empowerment.

I combine best global practices, to local levels (glocal). I possess high levels of problem-solving, data-driven and analytical skills together with excellent intercultural and interpersonal intelligence, on a global scale.

I have always been very resourceful and love finding unique solutions to challenges. My work has been recognized by government (Nuove Leon - Mexico), industry leaders (DE, MX, NL, UK, FR) and universities (EGADE - MX).

Some of my accomplishments can be seen here

Academically I have a degree in Aeronautical Engineering (BEng Hons.) and a Global Executive MBA (OneMBA). I have been awarded a scholarship from Onassio Foundation (MSc. in Aerospace Engineering).



I initiated, built and grown many successful businesses from zero to fully operational level, in diverse industries and global markets. Directly recruited, trained & developed thousands of people, leading them to superior performance (sales, team building, company management). 

Business/Product Development & Optimisation

Created own methodology. Over 18 years in optimizing businesses, products and processes, while empowering people and teams. 

Blue Ocean strategy - Innovation management

Successfully created new brands, categories, and products, leading to unseen and unique new business opportunities. 

Industry 4.0 end-to-end solutions 

An Industry 4.0 specialist, marketing contributor & blogger with unique experience in Industry 4.0 end-to-end best practices. 

"Glocal" Mindset - Best global practices at a local level 

Founder & Executive 
4 countries
11 countries
Lived in
5 countries


  • As an experienced global entrepreneur and business developer, I am tenacious, flexible and adaptable, always leading from the front.

  • I possess high levels of intercultural and interpersonal communications skills due to my diverse experience, including sales, across many cultures and industries.

  • My background in Aeronautical engineering empowers me with great analytical, organizational and data-driven skills.

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Dr. Ali Fenwick, Managing partner LEAD TCM&L - NL

¨… his creative capacity, business sense, results-minded attitude, are what put him at the top of the league…¨

Wolfgang Nitschke, Managing Consultant, NIT Network GmbH - DE

¨… self-motivated, problem solver, result driven individual, to get your business to the next level…¨

Robert Toy, Director of Customer Projects, Airbus - FR

¨... precisely the quality of employee this company needs… ¨

Dr. Mohamed El-Borai, Vice President Customer Support Services, Airbus - FR

¨... a sterling job in my division …¨

S. Tselonis, Commanding Air Commodore, Hellenic Army Aviation - GR

¨...One of the three highest potential privates of my military carreer...¨

James O´Grady, Country Head Netherlands, Appco - NL

¨... his leadership has resulted in a huge increase in revenues …¨

Simon Murphy, Country Head Ireland & UK, Appco - UK

¨... absolutely no hesitation in recommending George to any company… ¨

Hans G. Krauss, Customer Support Director, Airbus - FR

¨... innate sense of logic and work ethics…¨

Philippe Y. Bartels, Head of Flightline Delivery, Airbus - DE

¨... very much liked his working attitude, flexibility and efficiency… ¨


Athens, Greece


+30 679 197 2076

Skype: georgios.stergiou1

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