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How many people do you know that they do something that they do not love? They might be good at it, but it just works. They wait until the weekend to forget their week. Traveling is a chance for them to get away from normality and forget. Maybe you have friends that addictions fill the gap they feel inside them. Or wait until they retire, to enjoy life. To do what they love to do.

Life is precious. We spend hours, days, weeks, even years blindly making ends meat and “hold our nose to the grindstone”. Are we really living? We have divided our day into slots of moments, into hours, where we kill ourselves in jobs we hate and are slaves, hidden in a cave. We feel the need for freedom but this gets crushed with all kinds of rubbish such as social media, TV, conforming to society’s expectations of who should be. Are we scared to face ourselves in the mirror? Does fear have to dictate us?


The most important things in life like, to play and celebrate with each other, appreciate nature, make love and know ourselves and our fellow humans are left by the wayside as we make excuses that we don’t have time. Things will get better “when the kids grow up” or when “the economy picks up”, when “the epidemic passes by”. How long are you willing to wait? 


Align your WHY, HOW & WHAT is a collection of three books/workbooks, which can also be purchased separately. Discover your WHY, Build your HOW and Achieve your WHAT will help you save time and live a life you are inspiring to have, sustainably. 


You cannot change your circumstances unless you change. Your happiness can be unlocked only by acknowledging your desires and pursuing your bliss. Being liberated from all forms of self-limiting beliefs. Time is finite. Do not waste it anymore.


Align your why, understand the how and what, and start living with your soul essence.


Cost: €19.99

Align your WHY, HOW & WHAT is the collection of the three books which includes three key elements about yourself. 


  • Your why, which includes being self-aware, remembering your values and purpose you live by, what makes you feel alive and balanced.

  • Your How, which in term is the key to moving on. How to aim high, believe in you, make the change, get great and become the new you.....sustainably. Finally,

  • Your What. Strategically planning your life from what you have found so far, creating a vision of your new you, setting goals, becoming more productive and improving on key skills that will bring value to you and to others.

Time is finite. Do not waste it anymore. This book will align your soul essence. Through questions, tests, fun, knowledge, insights and many more, collected from hundreds of books, diverse experiences, global knowledge from some of the best universities in the world and lessons learned from over 20 years in developing people and building businesses , will help you along the way.


You cannot change your circumstances unless you change. Your happiness can be unlocked only by acknowledging your desires and pursuing your bliss. Being liberated from all forms of self-limiting beliefs.


Follow the instructions, have fun and discover parts of you which you might have forgotten, lost or misaligned. Transform your life and your business sustainably. 


Cost: €7.99

We have all been there. Stuck. You are doing OK, but not great. Life is going on, but something is missing. You read books, articles, look after your lifestyle but applying those, getting deeper, somehow is another matter.

You feel overwhelmed with ideas about what you should and should not be doing with your life, how to achieve happiness. It makes your head hurt. And then there is the small matter of actual life happening to you. Things which are going on all around you. So you do nothing. And time goes by.

Being stuck sucks. Discover your WHY is not just any book. As the first of a serious of 3 workbooks, it is the stepping stone into aligning your life, both personal and business.


Follow the instructions and go through the many questions, tests, exercises and drawings which will reveal “forgotten” knowledge which will lead you to discover or rediscover your why.


Understanding the problem but not knowing how to move on is something we all experience. What do you do then? Whom do you ask? Whom do you trust? And how do you know, if you are ready?


You have identified you are stuck on how to move on. Now you need to move, forget your painful past and focus on the future. Overcome emotions, look forward but this time, this time it better work. And last long.


We all grow through pain. It makes us stronger, at times giving us a new focus, energy and belief in becoming our dream selves, in achieving our desires. Build your HOW is the second out of three workbooks. Follow the instructions and through questions, tests, exercises and “forgotten” knowledge be lead towards your dream self and life.


Cost: €7.99


When was the last time you were clear about what to do? You knew you needed a change, you knew why and how to do you it but not what to do?


Not knowing what your next move is or plan of action comes from not understanding how to generate value to you and others. This creates doubts and guilt. Feelings on not being good enough, incompetent even.


You are not alone. It is possible to find what to do to add value to your life. Deep inside, you know the answers.


Achieve your WHAT is the last one of three workbooks. After discovering your why and how, this practical workbook using tests, questions and “forgotten” knowledge”, will help you find out what to do with your life, help you achieve value for your and others and align your business and personal life. Once and for all.

Cost: €7.99