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Business Coaching for VSB's & SME's Owners 

Very Small Businesses (VSB's) and Small to Medium size Enterprises (SME's) account for over 90% of the economy of a country. Yet:

  • 70% of those businesses will fail in the first year.

  • From the remaining 30%, 70% will fail within the next 5 years.

Why does this happen? 

VSB's & SME's face a number of challenges when it comes to getting support.

  • Limited access to high-quality support/consulting due to paradigms, budgets, mindsets & egos,

  • Looking at competitors guarantees being always behind and competing for prices - Not sustainable,

  • Each VSM & SME is unique, in processes, know-how, experience, requirements, etc.

  • Family-owned is different than corporate,

  • Limited education regarding entrepreneurship,

  • Do all mentality,

  • No clear goals, direction, strategy,

  • Limited time as bills keep running.

"Smart people learn from their mistakes, successful, learn from others"

Microconsulting takes all the above in mind and combines it with over 20 years of successful entrepreneurial experience, in diverse markets and industries, using best global practices, applied to local needs and requirements.

Microconsulting is an investment with direct returns to both the owner and the business. The process has been tried and tested with impressive results across 7 diverse industries, 5 different markets and 3 business sectors.


Most importantly, the answers come together with the business owner, which is empowered, saving time, money, and pain, as it is not via trial and error but rather a combination of strategy, process optimization, and management paradigm shifts. This leads to tailor-made modular packages which take into account specific market requirements & particularities. 

A leap in value is created by looking at 2 dimensions, 3 specific areas, 4 aspects of a business. Value innovation leads to new market space and demand with quick ROI and sustainable business growth.

Microconsulting is:

  • Cost-effective - proven high ROI. Mutual investment mentality,

  • Flexible - business flexibility based on value-added innovation,

  • Quick - business profitability increase in weeks vs months or years,

  • Simultaneous - pursuit of differentiation and low cost,

  • Modular - solutions and support,

  • Efficient - biggest challenge & direct needs first,

  • Holistic - empowerment of owner and team, domino effect to the community,

  • Sustainable - linked vertically and horizontally to all-around why's.

Contact me for a free 30 min consultation call.

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